The apex for the commercial and cultural cluster

Located on the north side of Cavendish Square London and close to the BBC and Langham Hotel, the Regent Street entrance provides direct access to the wellbeing ecosystem.

A Sanctuary in the West End

Rejuvenate body and soul in a subterranean oasis at the heart of London.

Stay, work and play in the West End

Four floors of re-energising facilities with access to Cavendish Square Gardens.


Stay at Cavendish Square London and be on the doorstep of one of the world’s greatest health, retail and cultural districts.


Escape into the wellbeing ecosystem. Restore body and mind, ready for all that the West End has to offer.

Flexible, well-lit space

Light wells and internal atria deliver natural light to all floors and the development’s planning consent can accommodate all major uses on floorplates of up to 80,000 sq ft.